Funny Things to Ponder

Why in tarnations would you do that?

Beliefnet is hosting a competition called "Who inspired you most this year?” It's mainly focusing on US and there are 10 nominees left. A quote from their website: "One man landed a plane in the middle of a freezing river, saving everyone aboard. A teen rescued 22 school children from a troubled girl with a gun. Others worked to help people pay their bills, fed the down-and-out, saved people from layoffs, and showed homeless children that someone cares. One couple even danced for the sheer joy of being young and in love."You can go to beliefnet and vote for your favorite person that “inspired you” this year. But I urge you not too….Instead take a minute, a day, a year to think about all the amazing people that inspire you, weekly, daily, yearly. If you aren’t inspired by people, I’m truly sorry…for your life must be boring. I normally would have never ever written a blog, mainly because I’m a silly almost 29 year old girl. But someone I just met who, is very likely the smartest and most captivating person I have ever met, inspired me to thing “outside the box” from now one…probably because so many people are “thinking inside the box you can’t even hear yourself think in there anymore”. I would never write a blog! What would I write about? What if people laughed at me, not always a big deal to me, but I don’t know many people who like to look like an ass. But for some reason mature people sometimes help you to think maturely. I may not have much to say and it probably won’t be interesting… but it will be fun, and it will be kooky like me. So this is my first one, thank you Uncle Richard